We’ve all had to practice patience this year. But I don’t believe any of us are experts yet! Delays in general have been relatively commonplace in 2020. In my practice as a CPA I have been asked several times why tax returns for 2019 are taking a long time. 

Why the delay?

The issue is a ripple effect due to COVID-19. Just like other businesses, it has impacted the processing time at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as well.  However there’s a tool that might alleviate the wait. The CRA has put up a website where Individuals, Self-employed, Sole Proprietors, Trusts and Corporations can check to see the length of time processing tax returns and claims may take

The list the CRA has provided is extensive. But it can give an idea of when to expect your tax return, tax related issues and when benefits will be processed.  To access your wait time visit the link to the website below.