Did you receive CERB and were confused if you should have received the payments?

On February 9, 2021 the federal government announced that self employed Canadians who received CERB may not have to pay it back. Canadians who are worried about having to repay may not be required to give back thousands of dollars.  Even those who already repaid their CERB payments will have the money returned to them.

If you recall, in order to qualify for CERB the confusion was based on whether to use the criteria of Gross Income, or Net Income. Net Income is your Gross Income minus business expenses for sole proprietors and self-employed individuals. So in some instances people were confused between the two. The application process was not straight forward for everyone and left many questions unanswered. Many people were so concerned about their eligibility they repaid the amounts on their own.

Now, if self-employed people (this includes sole proprietors) met the other qualifications to receive CERB they will not be required to repay.  In other words, gross income will not be the determining factor to qualify for CERB payments.