Hello Small Business Owner’s of Southern Ontario,

I would like to introduce myself and my business. My name is Susan Ivanovics and I am a CPA, I have been working with small business owner’s in the Hamilton and area for over 20 years and I opened up my CPA practice in January 2016: Susan Ivanovics, CPA

Setting you up for success

I help sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, and small business owners manage their day-to-day accounting operations and at tax-time. I work with you to set your business up with a tailored plan to make daily accounting, year-end and filing taxes a stress-free experience.

Anyone can call themselves an “Accountant,” When you choose a Chartered Professional Accountant, you are getting a trusted business advisor. As a CPA we are required to meet and maintain standards of qualification, practice, professional ethics, knowledge, skills, and proficiency.

How can I help you? What issues are you currently facing? 

Are you facing issues such as…?

  • HST? When should I get an HST number? Should I be using the Quick Method or the Regular Method when reporting HST?
  • Trying to grasp basic accounting fundamentals in order to set-up and have a clean set of books and avoid costly mistakes?
  • Straining to determine what expenses you can claim as a small business owner?
  • What monthly accounting tasks should a small business owner complete?

Lastly, many small business owners are working from home, do you have a home office? I am sharing a PDF form you can use to help determine what expenses can be claimed as a small business owner with a home office.

To learn more on how I might be able to help you and the services that I provide check out my website: https://susanivanovicscpa.com/

Or contact me: 

susanivanovics@rogers.com or by phone: 289-520-0706 or personal message me through Facebook.